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UK’s darkest skies, Kielder Observatory

Home to the UK’s darkest skies, Kielder Observatory is only a short distance from Stay on the Hill.

This magnificent building was built in 2008, to make the most of the minimal light pollution when observing the skies hidden gems. Located in Kielder Forest, the observatory is situated a few miles from the Scottish Borders high upon Black Fell in a tranquil, undisturbed space.

Kielder Observatory offers spectacular events, hosting over 700 a year. Whether that be ranging from ‘Family’ events – educating young explorers on what to look for when searching the heavens, ‘Late night ‘events – when the stars dazzle and the crisp air fills your lungs to ‘Discovering New Worlds’ – asking the question that we all ponder, is there life outside of earth?!

We love the ‘Late Night’ events, especially in Winter when you can experience the UK’s best views of the Milky Way. Reminding us of how lucky we are to be here and allowing us the opportunity to reflect on life’s perspectives.

With just the naked eye you can see Orion’s Sword shining bright, but did you know the middle ‘Star’ on the sword is actually a nebula, which is the closest large star- forming region to earth. A nebula is where stars are born, this calling them Star Nurseries. 

Can you see it on the image above?

Just one of the many things to do when staying in Northumberland. But this one is out of this world!