Stay On The Hill


Who loves to bake? Here at Stay on the Hill we LOVE to bake with the kids. Especially now it’s the school holidays.  

So, to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee in Hexham (our local town) No. 28 Community house is hosting a ‘Bake Off’ on Sunday 5th June at the Middle School. They have 3 categories which you can enter which are: cakes, biscuits or savoury.

We’ve been practicing our pie making skills this weekend. Here’s our corned beef and potato pie. Dinners sorted. What do you like to make? Sweet or savoury?

If you’re not currently OCCU – PIED that day, then get registered by sending a message or calling 07772451639 for more details.

Good Luck 👑 🎂 🥧 🇬🇧